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welcome to me life informations page ^~^
my name is rayan alhardan i am 14 years old .. but I want to change this current name over time of course because I can't change it now..

I've told a lot of friends about my life but I always shorten it .. I shorten it too much ...

I hated people since my childhood, I loved animals, and I still love them until now..
When I was little, I didn't eat chicken or meat at all, and I was saying something like "i don't eat my friends" But my family was using force and violence to force me to eat it
I hate this family so much sometimes they shout in my head for no reason sometimes they say it's better if you die but now they don't say things like if you die is more better..
sometimes they call me a money dog or a stray dog because in their care dogs are the lowest creature..
However, I loved things about the internet and I love these topics from a children age. After I came to turkey for about a year, I knew something called buying from the internet and I got into this topic a lot.. 
everything is cheaper than outside, everything is better quality, I think I was showing it to my family when they wanted to buy something, I was showing products that could be compatible with them but they didn't always accept me but my mother never believed me but if someone told her on fb, she immediately believes it. I'm tired of this mom 
I will write everything in my heart now, I will not leave anything, but I will explain later, things about my mother, my father and my family, I will continue the topic later..
But before the continuation I want to say something I want to cry 2 years ago I want to cry like a baby with all my might but I didn't cry 'was' sometimes I cry from my left eye for no reason but very little but now I'm crying silently a lot while I'm writing this 
My mom liked to buy things from internet earlier because someone on internet told my mom that internet things are getting cheaper and better, so buying online was a bit accepting and over time she agreed but when will they buy something I was showing them what kind of product there is, what a cheap product and quality, I guess they do not accept in many things, but sometimes they do..
they will buy nothing at the time how much better and cheaper product is there and guaranteed product and so on ..
but eventually they started calling me money dogs and how much i hated them ? i hated they more and more..
money is everything in their care until now they say things like this "Go bring us money, what good does your school do for us? " my dad is always from his heart "go and work and got some money for me,What is my relationship?,look all children is working and get a money for they family Except you!,why i need to work for U? Go get me the money and f**k you and your school"  
My brother always stayed with me bad and took advantage of me and used me for his own benefit as he wanted..
If he saw a needy who wanted to eat, he would rather buy something from his game than buy food for him. If he was sitting in a chair on the bus and an old woman standing next to him wouldn't be standing up for him. He thinks he deserves to sit more than he does.  

Sometimes he plays the sick role or pretends to be asleep and starts talking about her right after he enters the home, and as if he were talking about his success and heroism, how did he perform the fit and often speaks like this: "That woman was standing as if she wanted to sit down to me. she talks like i sat down before her ..
When I was little, I was giving meaningless words to my family and I was looking at people outside and looking at all their faces etc. I was calling them meaningless words..

What I find most annoying about him is that he is not keen on cleanliness and does not care about cleanliness at all, and this causes me inconvenience and various problems. I prefer not to talk about these topics because they cause me nausea..
I don't know what this logic of my brother is but at least I know that if I saw a young man I would not give my place to him but if it was a young woman or a man in pain or a girl even if it was a young person or someone who looks like he is over 30, I will get up for him immediately   
If I see a person who cannot walk without crutches, I immediately get up and run to his place and ask him to either lean on me, give him my hand, or help him. I want to talk to him if he wants, I know better than anyone how a word can help a person, A simple word or word that doesn't ask anything from you can be someone's reason for living It can be a light for someone, I know this better than anyone..
I'm not saying this to get myself out in good order, but I am such a person..
i found a sick cat at the beginning of the 5th grade earlier and that cat died i missed her so much and And I searched for animal diseases a lot, and I searched for common diseases extensively, and I searched for ways to treat them as well..
I will continue this subject a little later because there is something very important behind this subject and I want you to tell a few things before that..

I hated all people and I have been looking for ways to end the world, but these are the ways I have searched in the deepweb and found many ways and especially liked..
learning about hacking and stuff behind and pulling it all out and making a war that could end the world I knew I needed to work this out for at least 30 years but I was really going to do it.. For example, making a war between 2 countries behind a back.
I also found another method that I like, chemicals that poison the sea, and after poisoning the seas, there is toxic rain and it reduces people greatly, but I gave up because I knew it was a huge project.
But there are other ways that attracted me the most, the thing that attracted me the most was making an incision in the sea to melt the hot core of the earth and dry the sea. 
this way is the most convenient ..
< div>but i found close friends and i left these ideas but in the end they all left me in the worst way one left and he is my friend till now but not very close but he is a good person
one of the friends I found a lot, especially one of them was very close, I always invited him to have dinner on the weekends and we were studying the exams together ?? no i think it is more appropriate to tell him about things he did not understand ..
He left me in worse ways after his interest in me ended.
but he finds a new interest and tries to beg me for forgiveness, and I told he ok over and over again... then he leaves me again even worse than before, And in the end he did something that I will not forgive him for, no matter what happens, I will not forgive him until the Day of Resurrection..
that thing is cursing the person I love the most and that's what I'll explain later..
i have forgiven him at least 5 times and he always leaves me in the worst shape his father helped him do it and his father is someone like him..
I wanted to kill all of his family before,When it comes to my mind, I get so angry..My current personality I forgive whoever kills me I forgive anyone for anything he did to me but to insult the one I love when you know how much I love him, and in front of me? And you do this because you just want to cancel our friendship.. to know how you can be human and apologize and say something like I apologize. Our friendship can't last any longer ?

But now I am the person I am now, whatever nobody does to me, I easily forgive him now. Whatever he does to me, I forgive him.. But I forgive the one who does something for me, not the one I love..

I learned some of psychology because of this friend
After teaching, I started to understand how the person on the other side thinks and lies, when he tells the truth, when he really laughs, what he wants to say and his feelings, I didn't understand people before.

however, at the beginning of 5th grade these ideas started coming to me, why am I living? Isn't it better if I die? At least everything ends and I'll stay in my grave if i have a grave.. these ideas were too much for me. At the end, I was looking for ways to commit suicide and I found different ways and I chose 2 ways, then I chose one of them. 
1. cyaned in apple seeds, on the way collecting the seeds inside the apple in a glass of water and then pouring water on them and waiting for a while..
this is the way to work this is the way..

Based on the fact that there is a certain amount of cyanide poison in apple seeds, if you analyze the poison, put water on it, remove it from the seeds and analyze it, death will be certain because I drank one of the most dangerous poisons. I committed suicide in this way I collected some seeds and their number is like 20 or so I added water to them and left it for 1 hour and I took the seeds out and drank the water But I got a little sick only because I didn't put enough seeds
The 2nd way are the things I can get from the pharmacy and the things I have found..

Drinking too many anti-convulsants and I don't know how it will kill me, drinking a lot of sleeping pills and then I would sleep quietly without getting up again and drinking 2 chunks of Panadol pills are available over-the-counter and bought in any quantity..

but I chose the apple seeds path and after drinking water, these came to my mind (I don't want to die, should I need to call in ampulans?, if I wait silently now, everything will be over) 
came up with ideas..
however i liked a girl in my class in 5th grade and still love her..
I live for it now.
in fifth grade i loved her and until the second semester of 6th grade i loved her and i dont doing nothing ..
I think 80% of my dreams are all black. I sleep, I wake up, it's like nothing happened and the remaining 20% of all of them I was searching the internet for their meaning and I'm always reading things like this..
The owner of the dream is suffering from a great stress, suffering from severe depression and what I cannot believe is that I will get what I want and she (I loved girl) I had a dream before, I saw it from a recent time, I stopped researching the meaning of dreams after that dream, I'll going to marry the girl I love and I never believed her, how will it be? And the day before she had that dream, she knew everything of me. It was early 8th grade.

In my 6th grade 2nd semester, I want to create a good life for him, for example, if he needs support at the university, If one of her relatives or friends get sick, I take care of his treatment from behind the curtain so that she does not grieve for himوto help her in all matters in her life and to marry her.
This is my hope in my life, In my care everything in this life is just painful and irritating so I couldn't see a reason to live before, It was all so hard and painful and there was no good or worth living reason to even love her, I see that everything is painful so far, but I want to PERSEVERE NOW, For her and for those who helped me and for my hope I want to persevere
I see everything is painful so far, but I found a reason to live, I just want to live hoping to make his happy. I don't think she would accept me in the future, but even if she's don't accept me, I still want to resist. I want to live alone. But I still want to resist, even if he doesn't accept me, I want to live alone. I will continue to live in the hope that I can help his in the future. Who knows what will happen in the future? Maybe in the future she will accept me and even if he hasn't accepted me, I will live in the hope that I can help his in the future if I continue to work.

so i searched for working ways and choosing programming stuff at first i wanted to be app delevoper but i didn't and someone named hasan alhalaby How much has it helped me? 
He is Jordanian and what he did to me I swear to God I will never forget him and will always be grateful no matter what 
I was at my worst and I talked to him and he added me to a course called "khomasi" in his account and this course is in arabic language..
that was a course for learning reskin..
In this course I (Mentally matured more because there are many self-reinforcing lessons and here I started to feel that I am valuable as a person, I felt I had some value and still want to resist further, I learned SEO and countless, many, many things from the course. )
After completing this course, I got a perspective on real life and how it works, and then I'll summarize in this section what I've been doing from thinking hard.
I saw the background behind them, the background of the house and it's like my dream house. I had a desire to live independently. There is even a knot that has accompanied me until now, that is the placement of my household items. I created an account on the shopping platforms and added everything to the house. I did not leave the smallest detail. I added a whole section for gifts that I thought I would give to the girl I love.I've added over 400 items to the house, everything you can think of and more like, I've added extra outfits for future guests, and I've added extra supplies, do you think of this? Well then, can you believe that I applied the Items and allocated a special room to work and added the smallest details possible to it? does it come to mind? I don't think so

I chose the program path because I wanted to create a good life for the girl I love after this course because it is something I liked before..
As I said earlier, I wanted to be an app developer, but I became a web developer because the app developer wants a good computer and I have just a old phone
Over time I loved the girl I loved more and more ..

Have I written before A sick little cat in 5th grade?
After that, I researched a lot in animal diseases and I can say that I know a little..
after that day i started looking for sick cats on the streets and especially looking for small cats Because I think they come with eye diseases or a disease like the common cold I was in the 5th grade before, on a very very rainy day, I was very angry from my family and I was fed up with their mind and way of thinking, what happened that day, why I was so angry, I forgot the reason, but I did not know where I was going and I was going to those who first blew a esenler..
With time, I started to go to that area more because I found a place that I liked very much, full of trees on all sides and there is no one in it and overlooking a view that I liked, now I stopped going there and ه i found other nearby places similar to it and go to it sometimes,In that area I found a sick little cat with her mother and her little mother, someone told me there that they were 3 brothers but 2 died,
Onlara çok kızdım, neden acil hattı aramıyorlar? Neden hasta hayvan hattını aramıyorlar? Bu yüzden uzak yerlere gidip hasta kedileri aramaya başladım ama vakit kaybetmemek için kulaklık takıp eğitici sesleri çalıyordum mesela Japonca, İngilizce ya da İngilizce gibi bir dilin eğitici seslerini çalıyordum. Türk..
A friend I met on the internet helped me a lot in learning English.
For example, in order to learn a sentence, he repeats it 3 times in English and says it once in Arabic.
I was analyzing the meaning of each word and playing with the words, so I learned better..
But do you know why I said so important before?
I was looking for a cat over time and that cat is small and sick,But in that place I saw elifnur instead of that cat

elifnur sancar

is the name of the girl i love
I had started the project myself at that time, I will explain later..
after seeing him,elifnur is sawed me too, there was his little brother and his father with him, they opened coal..
i never believed what i see here because i am looking for a sick cat finally i saw elifnur??? I immediately went to another place because at that time I never saw elifnur at least 9 months ago because covid-19..
I didn't sleep at all that day, and I went there again at about 3 o'clock in the morning and I've been sitting in the same place every day from where Elifnur was sitting until now, sometimes I take a notebook there and study for classes or write homework.. today {12-october-2021} my mother is giving private lessons to learn arabic to children online form and she speaks very loudly and uses my brother's laptop while giving lessons but me and my brother are in the same room while she is giving lessons I go to another place I was going to start writing a homework before her listen started today, but it was 7 pm after she entered, I told her I'm going out I'm going to write homework,I went and finally finished around 8.10 and I was going back to my home.. Is there a place where I talked before? I was sitting there writing homework and it's very very close to my home, 3 or 4 minutes away.. went to that place i finished my homework after i got home my dad cursed in my head for an hour and said things like "give all your stuff(phone,earphone,and cards) - we will bring fish every thursday (note i have bad sensitivity from fish smell and its For example, I am thinking of talking to the guidance counselor at my school for example, I am not 18 but I want to be my own parent. After I turn 18, I want rights so that I will not be obliged to live with my family. i was talking a while ago i will continue it I think I'm downloading math or Turkish lesson and go to where elifnur is sittend and working the lesson
i'm not really sure he was sitting there but 80% i'm sitting on the floor 20% to the left or right of that place but i was sitting there until 4 o'clock in the morning and after that i called this cat and looked at him there is a problem with his right eye if i leave him i saw faces like cats in his eye he could lose and the cat sees nothing while losing to his eye  
and there's something blue coming out of his eyes from the outside
Some think your eyes are blue
but that cat is at its best now..
I knew a lot about elifnur from going there..
I talked before, is there a khomasi course? 
oAfter completing it, I started the Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course from google 1 week later and the course duration is 40 hours in total.
I finished it in 3 days and I didn't fit at all in the first two days. At that time, I was working like a commodity and I didn't care about my health at all. Sometimes I didn't eat for 3 or 4 days like I didn't sleep at all. I drink a lot of coffee.
And of course, I don't mean not sleeping at all. Sometimes I sleep every 5 or 6 hours for 30 minutes, and sometimes I don't sleep for more than 24 hours. Also, when I wrote I don't really eat, sometimes days pass without eating, I only drink a little water and a lot of coffee
after i finished it i worked a bit like a freelancer and then i learned html language..
i got a certificate after finishing this course in a link and pdf ,pdf file i will tell later how i lost it ..
maybe i can download it again from course page 
but this is the certificate verification link..

click here
if there is no link or broken you can use this 
click here
but it will not come out in english or turkish, it will be in arabic because i took the course in arabic and i finished it but after entering, use page translater from google and it will give you a place to add code at that place 
"EMR 3QA KQ2" 
but after completing this course, I was very happy but I couldn't find anyone to share this happiness with. There is a teacher in my school who has helped me a lot so far, his name is Kenan, I shared it with him, he was very happy for me and I can say that he is the greatest helper in my life after elifnur
How much do I love that teacher? 
I started the project myself in the 7th grade and the first goal of this project is to help elifnur with time, the second goal is to make money for myself and to live the dream, it helps a lot..
I just spoke, certificate varia? he helped me a lot as a freelancer i worked for 3 months for my site expenses and the remaining money i bought a new earphone i was walking on the street on the first day he kept it in a tree and fell under a car I forcibly took it off but all the buttons are gone and all the straps are torn
i used to re-do the straps in tin every few weeks but eventually it broke down and the money left over from my freelancer job i bought a jacket from i love design i use it like this with multiple pockets color black inside pockets phone + 3 pens + notepad + cash if there is a phone + 3 pens + notepad + cash I throw it over the phone - two top pockets from the outside, one of them I add cards and the second one I throw a key and there are 2 pockets in the normal place I put my hand in them I bought and I have used new headphones until now, but a few days after I got it, my mom broke it from the sides and said, 'I'm pulling it on your head, you went to the back I got the headset and it broke, what is my relationship? You broke it, not me.. from that day on, I leave all my important things with me, but since it is forbidden at school, I keep my phone and earphones at home, and put them inside napkin box.

I did a little research before starting this project and saw that there are very few Turkish programming languages tutorial sites, so I started someone straight away..
after this project i will do courses for other programming languages then i will make a site like wikipedia and do a lot of other things
I'm not going to explain this very much because I still haven't made a final decision..
but I, my life has been changed so much because of elifnur, 
how much do i love her 
I want to do anything for her if it's something big or small
How happy am I when I see her happiness in the classroom? 
how much i love her smile
Sometimes I get tired of everything and go to Esenler and sit in their garden there (before)
now i think of elifnur and i laugh in vain..
finally i took a picture of her without permission from elifnur..
before in the 6th grade visual arts class, the teacher asked everyone to draw something and finally put some pictures at the back of the class and the picture of elifnur the next day I brought my phone and took more than 50 pictures of her I have those pictures so far and I have many copies of them, I do not count them..
but I changed some of the photos I took of elifnur, I added a picture behind her and added many inscriptions from them (k-html.com - ens sukidaaaaa " means elifnur I love you in japanese" - elifnur) and I added it to my keyboard 
after doing it i never got bored and sometimes i work for more than 24 hours without sleeping at all because i was looking at the keyboard and it came to my mind right away i was thinking and working and i am just as happy when i think about it 
but now I sleep for 30 minutes at most every 5 or 6 hours and I usually do this for consecutive days and the maximum sleep per night does not exceed 6 hours at the most. sometimes i sleep more than 12 hours :)
I have changed a lot because of it and the last time I thought about suicide a year or two ago, I found a reason to live because of it and this reason is elifnur..
At the beginning of the 7th grade, I left all my bad habits so far, I was drinking at least 4 cans of cola a day, I didn't care about my health at all, I watched perverted videos and so on. I repent for all these things, I can never repeat it.. Suicide ideas come to me a thousand times every day, but elifnur comes to my mind immediately, all bad ideas go away..
now these ideas don't come to me at all
I swear I gave up suicidal thoughts hundreds of times after elifnur came to my mind

This was also with me 2 days ago when I am writing this..

I went to school like normal, but somehow everyone knew that I took pictures of elifnur and I was very upset about 3 things because of this..
I am very sorry for putting elifnur in a very boring situation.
I lost a very close friend in Class, some of them always Cursing at me when I leave, but I don't care about them, but they hurt they minds in this way, I ask them to stop but not for me but for them i lost a very close friend and betraying someone and his trust in particular, I apologized to him but he did not accept it :)
That was before, now she accepted me again and it's weird what happened a few days ago he made me feel bad and we became friends again, Why did he change so much in one night, I didn't even understand myself, but he forgave me as much as I knew, I will never betray his trust again :)
3. I wanted to get Turkish citizenship before, but I would wait until 18 because I can get it until after I pass 18, but in the rules of obtaining citizenship, "There is no bad behavior in Turkey and the criminal record is completely clean." , but I guess I will forget the hope of getting citizenship now because it is forbidden to take photos of someone ..

really i thought it was normal to take pictures of her because i love her so i didn't want to forget her face after 10 or 50 years i finally added it on my keyboard ..

I was going to talk to her father and I was going to apologize to him, but the teacher NEVER accepted, I thanked him a little later in my mind because if I say that, he may close Elifnur or put pressure on him and reduce his freedom.

There are people on the internet who helped me a lot, but I want to help them all in one day.. Not as much as friends on the internet, but in real life people such as elifnur, kenan teacher, and others ..
and one of the friends i lost i want to help but years later i will make him sad again .. (he forgave me)

he is a turkish person but he wants to leave turkey i would like to help him with time ^~^

sometimes you can find the word ens on my sites, I wrote it as an abbreviation of elifnur 

(NOTE if you don't understand much in programming you may not understand this
If you extract site codes, you will find a lot of code named elifnur in css. It is used in all lessons. For example, I always add elifnur class in your A tag because it is a previously prepared design)
I want to add something that I can't find a suitable place to add. 
I have atypical depression and all the doctors I talked to advised me to find real friends and I did too, but everyone I found then dumped me. .. It happens that I need intensive psychological treatment and my symptoms can get worse and worse, that I suffer from extreme fatigue and heaviness, that I experience dangerous drops in sugar, sometimes it drops to 10 and a kelp rises to 540 and blood pressure also drops a lot and sometimes a little, for example from 200 to 160. In a way, the numbers are not correct because I forgot how much they are but between 60 and 40 it drops a lot. 
I did all the possible tests like heart, blood, urine, pancreas and others everything came out normal but it shows that I am completely healthy except for the EKG test which shows it is high. The blood pressure of the arms and feet turned out to be high, but after that I learned that there was atypical depression for no reason, then I did not pay attention to the doctors and thought so, would I see this world beautiful if I took medicine for myself and would I see that humans are wonderful creatures?  After these thoughts came to my mind, I did not care in the least, but after I started to take care of myself, I connected my happiness with elifnur and started working just for her,
Thus, when I am successful, I will have completed psychotherapy. As for my previous thought, I don't think I can change my mind much, but at least I know that I will not stop loving her no matter what.. I talked to two of their doctors telling me that I am in a condition called cell destruction or brain cell damage and after that stage I have spent a large phase of my life. and there are two doctors said that after or before the treatment, you cant never stop loving her, I don't know if they said this to me to encourage treatment but I know very well that I can never stop loving her
Guess it's been a while and I may have fixed it already.
all the doctors i talked to i met on the internet
As I said before, after I took pictures to elifnur, the class teacher said to delete these photos from me and she sended me to assistant principal the photos were all on the sd card, there was a lot of interest about my site in that sd card, the same design for the next courses of 3 site design, but the inscriptions and some other things remained different, there were 400 music files and something else very important in my care. There was something, they were all gone :) The teacher took the sd card from me and the assistant principal did not in school, so nothing happened. I was very scared for a week, maybe I will be expelled from school? maybe my class will change? I died of these ideas :) but i was a little bit happy because she sended me to the assistant principalbecause he know me and if she sended me to the principal I would be kicked out 99%.. I don't know if I should write this here or I will, but I will write it a few days ago in the feature (07-october-2021) after school, elifnur forgot her jacket, but if you want it for real, when the last lesson grows "please elifnur will forget her jacket","please elifnur will forget her jacket","please elifnur will forget her jacket" I was praying in my mind finally really forget her jacket i bought it back i gave it to her i put it on her head i went and i never fit in that day even for 2 days i am doing the things i lost to the sd card again so now i sleep very little time .. that day i was going to sleep after school but after this incident i didnt fit at all and until now i laugh when i remember that day :)
I said before, I do on the online shopping platform, there are items for home and for myself? There, I added the same jacket that elifnur used, I added the same bag she used, I added a sweater she used, I added a lot of different things, for example, bitcoin materials :) anime wallpaper, anime wall clock, etc.
I hope this course will be successful and I can secure the tax price for the next site and the taxes for this site. I want to make an acceptable profit from this but I thought it was difficult so I will create other courses later. so I can actually help her in time and fulfill one of my dreams and live it on my own.
I've built sites like this before, all the things I do myself like 'Writing articles, creating websites, translating templates, etc.' i was changing sites to ready templates and writing articles SEO compliant, i was adding everything i did on freelancer microservices sites and everything internet related , the sites i used were fiver and upwork and khamsat upwork i never sold and i would say fiver normal use and KHAMSAT Management a lot of annoying about serious mistreatment For example, the first problem was after I found a buyer who repeatedly requested several services to write an article, but the conversation on the site was very bad and we made a call on WhatsApp, so I was accused of self-buying and the account was banned. After two months of trials with the administration, I was able to at least get back what I earned knowing that my account was upgraded to a good rank, In another account, the same buyer asked me for 20 different services to create two websites and write articles with them: Adsense processing, SEO preparation, web design and article writing, etc. But after purchasing for 6 services, he didn't immediately buy 20 services so as not to stop the account, my account was banned and the management treatment was usually bad and I rarely got good support, There was only one person I could understand from the support service. finally all the prices I sent him again to his paypal account and he created me a virtual card and put all the prices even more in it and sent me.. I loaded some trendyol wallet in money, bought a jacket and earphones and paid all the rest for this site.. i've been talking to that client until now sometimes
In this part, I will try to explain how much I love elifnur, I can't tell in letters and words, but I will try I left suicidal ideas at least 500 times because her . For more than 1 year, I think more than once about committing suicide every day and when she comes to my mind, I always throw these ideas away. if her be not there,maybe I might have committed suicide I would literally do anything for her Because of elifnur I am here now, and because of elifnur I will set up this site and next sites and all I am doing is up to elifnur, Because of elifnur, I started to feel that I was valuable as a human being. just Seeing elifnur's smile pulls me to the best and highest place I can go, Even if she doesn't accept me in the future, I will try again and again and make sure to make her happy even from afar. I don't know but I see very little talk about her so I won't continue but I think you have revealed the extent of my love for her.
The first reason for establishing these projects is elifnur and the second is to get the taxes of living alone.
so far it is my life..
Thank you for reading 💙..

A few important things about me..
1. I wrote important a little earlier, huh? I was going to write insignificant..
3.My first reason to learn English is for the program and to talk to foreign friends, but I can't speak a soft language, for example. 
if i want to write i don't know i dont wtire it i write i dunno
So I said I don't speak a benign language because I'm shortening the sentences.
4. I learned japan because I want to watch anime without subtitles😂
5. my turkish is worse and all i knew language i don't speak well
6.I love elifnur a l(o^99)t
7.i know 4 languages "english japan arabic and turkish
maybe i might add zaza after a while, and that's because I knew elifnur could understand zaza a little bit, so I'm going to work on zaza a little bit to just understand a bit. not so much
8. In my opinion, I want to marry elifnur in time, if she doesn't accept me, I will try again. At the end, I want to help her at least. I don't want her to be sad.
9. coffee is my favorite drink especially I love TAFT(look death wish) coffee
10. my dream and I want and i work to elifnur
I can't think of anything else, if there is a problem, you can send me an e-mail from the help word above.
I wish you a good day
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